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Two Lessons for Kids from the Book of James

Here are two lessons from the Book of James. You can teach them in a two week series, or teach them independently. They are written for 1-6 grade small group Bible Study, but you could use them in a large group, as well. To use, simply click on the link and print or save the downloaded file.

Book of James Lesson 1 Walk in Wisdom:

James Lesson 1 Walk in Wisdom

Printables for Lesson 1:

Lesson from God’s Word Wisdom Walk Verse References

The book of James Wisdom Lesson, Lesson from God’s Word, Papers with scripture references

Book of James Lesson 2 Controlling the Tongue:

James Lesson 2 Controlling the Tongue

Printables for Lesson 2:

Tribond Game Questions for Controlling Your Tongue Lesson

Wild Tongue Game


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