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Tower of Babel Kids Bible Study Lesson

Some Basics on this Lesson

This kids’ Bible study lesson on Tower of Babel is good for kids in 1-6 grades. It was written for kids in a small group setting, but could be used for a large group, as well. It is part of a larger series of lessons, The Ancients, which includes lessons on Job, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jacob’s Son. You can find the first lesson in the series here.

Here it is

So, here’s the lesson, just click and download:

Document Version:
Lesson 2 the tower of babel

PDF File:
Lesson 2 the tower of babel

Resources for this Lesson

As for some of the materials mentioned in the videos, here are the links to where I found the items mentioned in the lesson:

Map of Babylon
For this, I used Google images, which was a fun find. You can try it here. You can zoom in and out and print copies too.

Picture of foundation of the tower of Babel
I used the first image in this article. I also used the image on this site.

Timeline poster
We bought one of these for each of our classrooms.

MRBC Children’s Department News
The images below show our weekly newsletter. Obviously, you would need to change it for your church, but this gives you an idea of what the lesson is talking about. Unfortunately, I cannot post files that can be manipulated, but this will give you an idea, if you’d like to hand out your own newstter.

Here is the newsletter that goes with this lesson:

Page 1: .

Page 2:

The coloring page is from and the comics are from

Need more Lessons?

If you’re looking for more, there is a series of lessons from Genesis, which fits chronologically before this lesson (and series). You can find it here.

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