Three Really Cool Resources to take your Bible Study to a Deeper Level

Three Really Cool Resources to take your Bible Study to a Deeper Level

Why use Bible Study Tools?

The Bible is more than able to stand on its own and it is the most important part of any Bible study. With prayer and the help of the Holy Spirit, it is possible to understand God’s Word, but things like commentaries and grafts can help us to understand what we are reading a bit better, especially in relation to historical context and things that just are not present in our world as they were in Old or even New Testament times.

When I start writing lessons or even studying the Bible for my own personal enjoyment and growth, I like to use some tools that help me to understand what I am reading at a deeper level. Here are a few of my very favorite resources for digging in deeper to God’s Word. I use other resources as well, but these are my favorite places to start.

My (usual) Process

My process looks something like this: Read through the part of the Bible I intend to teach, a Book or passage or whatever it might be. Then, search for the “Interesting Facts” to give me a baseline. Then, I usually watch the Bible Project Video. After that, I read the Bible passage several more times and pin-point the verses I believe God wants me to teach. Then, I go to and read all the commentary on those verses. Often, I add research in some of my favorite printed resources: a Bible dictionary, a Bible atlas and some of my favorite commentaries (ones I learned I liked on Bible Hub). Once I feel like I have a good grasp on the information, I can go ahead and write the lesson or just walk away with a deeper understanding.

This whole process is saturated with lots of prayer and pleas for understanding, of course. Even though I like these resources and enjoy using them, I always want to be very careful and cautious about using any human resource, whether it be a Bible commentator or my own Pastor. I always want to double and triple check it against what the Bible says. It is the ultimate authority on Itself, after all.

Without further ado, here are my Three Favorite Resources for Bible Study:

Bible Hub

I cannot adequately put into words how much I love this site. It is a veritable treasure trove of information. I enjoy studying the Bible and I do have a brain in my head, but I am by no means a scholar (Biblical or otherwise). The folks who have put together this website have years and years worth of Bible study represented on these pages.

On this site you can find all the available translations of any particular verse. So, if you search for Philippians 4:13, you are going to have, right there in front of you, a list of how that verse appears in about 2 dozen different Bible translations. There are sermons (hundreds and hundreds organized by verse), various topics regarding various verses, plus Hebrew translation and other languages—lots of truly great resources. But, my favorite tool is the Commentary Tool. You can enter in a particular verse and it will give you commentary from multiple Bible commentaries, right there in front of you. It is an amazingly helpful tool.

The Bible Project

This website has amazingly informative and entertaining videos on the books of the Bible, as well as other topics. Over the last year, we have worked our way through the New Testament from Acts to Revelation and when I begin to study a new book, I begin, of course, by reading the book all the way through, taking notes as I go. My second step is to watch the video on that particular book by the Bible Project and it helps me understand so much more about what I’ve just read. As I read through the book the second (or more) time, my understanding is deeper because I have learned the “bigger picture” of the book from these videos.
There are other topics on their website as well. They have videos on certain themes and ideas in addition to the ones they have on the Books of the Bible. The visuals are wonderful and the information is abundant.

Barnes’ Bible charts


This website is full of interesting charts. It is well worth exploring. There are hundreds and hundreds of different charts on this site. Browse the categories, or search for a specific topics. As I began looking at a particular Bible book, I would usually start with a Google search for “Interesting Facts about 1 Peter “(or whatever book it was) and the chart from this website would come up. The charts are visually appealing and contain so much great information.


Go ahead and start exploring! There is so much to learn about God’s Word and hours of information at your fingertips with these three fabulous websites! Enjoy your dive deeper into the Word of God.

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