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Soaring with Confidence

“In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. ” Psalm 3:6

As much as I appreciate the amazing fact that we can fly, I don’t actually love being on a plane myself. I am not exactly scared. I can do it. I am just on edge until the flight comes to an end and the wheels touch solid ground.

Recently, our family went on a vacation which necessitated a plane ride. The ride there was very bumpy and I was doing what I always do on a plane and praying God would keep us in the air until we were supposed to be down (and white-knuckling the armrests, because my husband was too far way for me to cling to, but I digress…).

Between the pleas going up I was trying to speak logic to myself. “It’s safer than driving.” “Turbulence doesn’t cause the plane to crash.” “Statistically the safest way to fly (according to Superman, my husband says). But, the piece of “logic” that helped the most was the realization that as much as I don’t want to crash, the pilot really, really does not want to crash.

He (or she) is in control of the plane, as much as is humanly possible and they are going to do everything in their power to make sure the plane stays and goes where it is supposed to go. They don’t want to crash and they don’t want their passengers to crash.

In the same way, when God calls us to do something and we are in the midst of following His plan for us, He does not want us to crash and burn. He doesn’t want us to fail. He is our great Pilot and He wants to help us have a successful “ride.”

Will there be bumps? Yes! Will there be discomfort? Probably! Will there be annoyances and other troubles along the way? Absolutely. But, if He has called us to do something and we are obeying Him, He will not let us fail! He is the Pilot of that Plane and He will accomplish His plan through us.

Whew! That takes some pressure off, doesn’t it? It’s His plan He has called us to and He wants us to succeed completely. Following Him in obedience day after day will bring about victory, for sure.

The Greatest Pilot ever wants a successful journey far more than we ever could! Knowing that, we can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Thank You, Lord, that You are in control of my journey. I thank You that as long as I am faithfully following You and obeying Your plan for my life, I cannot fail. I can trust You to carry through your plan, not only to completion, but to victorious completion! Thank You, Lord. Amen

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