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Make this Year a Year of Prayer Bible Study Lesson for Older and Younger Kids

This lesson focuses on making a New Year a year of prayer, but you could use it anytime you wanted a lesson to teach about prayer. It teaches the acronym P.R.A.Y. and uses the Lord’s prayer as a model. It includes a lesson from God’s Word, a Connection to Christ and Gospel Presentation, a memory verse, a game and an activity. It is appropriate for grades 1-6 and was written for a small group setting, but could easily be used for a large group setting, as well.

Below is an example of our M.R.B.C. Children’s Department News. I simply do a newsletter in publisher every week with various bits of info on them and a few simple activities for the kids to do. This ones still in the production stage, but you can see what I do and easily create something similar for your ministry, if you want to.

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