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Kids’ Bible Study Lesson on Jacob


Introduction to the Lesson

Jacob, man, what a guy, right? The kids in your ministry will learn all about him in this lesson. This lesson can stand alone, but is also part of a 7 weeks series called “The Ancients.” “The Ancients,” which includes lessons on Job, the Tower of Babel, , Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jacob’s 12 Sons.

The lesson’s main feature is story cards that you will use to share many of the things that happened in Jacob’s life. The kids will also have the opportunity to make their own little book to keep.


The Lesson

Document Version:

Lesson 5 Jacob

PDF Version:

Lesson 5 Jacob


Story Cards for lesson:

I drew my own pictures on the title pages, just simple things. I am by no means an artist (though-fun fact-I did aspire to be throughout my childhood a teensy, itty bitty bit of the skills I learned remain). You could draw your own simple pictures, have someone who loves art volunteer or have the kids draw some on there. Adding the pictures, one way or another, is strongly recommended as the visuals will help keep the kids’ attention.

Document Version of Story Cards:

Story cards for Jacob lesson

PDF Version of Story Cards:

Lesson 5 Jacob


A note about MRBC Children’s Department News (in case you’re wondering what it is):
MRBC are the initials of our church’s name and this is just a newsletter I do each week with information for the parents, such as upcoming events and what we’re learning, plus things for the kids: a quiet time check list, some comics (which I get online) and some word puzzles and written activities specifically for the lesson we are doing. Here’s the one I used for this lesson. Unfortunately, I cannot upload a version you can easily change, but feel free to use the ideas for your own newsletter.

The wordsearch came from:; the comics are sited on the paper.

Looking for something Jacob related just for you? Here is a Bible devotion for your quiet time today.

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