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Kids’ Bible Study Lesson on Isaac

Introduction to the Lesson:

Currently, we are working on going through the Bible chronologically with the kids in our department. We have them for 6 years, so we are trying to go through the Bible in 3 years, that way (theoretically) they get through the entire Bible twice while they are with us. There is a little bit of a time crunch, in that we are trying to fit the entire Bible in approximately 150 lessons. So, when I am writing lessons, I sometimes have to come up with creative ways to get a lot of information to the kids in a way that is fun and this lesson was a solution to that problem.

There is a Bible skills portion and a review game at the end, but the majority of this lesson is the Game of (Isaac’s) Life. The kids play the game, more or less, like they would the regular board game, but they stop and read scriptures highlighting certain events in Isaac’s life. Fun, but gets a lot of input into them.

This lesson is lesson 4 in a larger, seven lesson series called “The Ancients,” which includes lessons on Job, the Tower of Babel, , Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jacob’s 12 Sons. It is an interactive lesson that will get your kids moving and keep their interest as you journey through the events of Abraham’s life.

The lesson is good for 1-6 graders and is meant for a small group setting.

The Lesson:

Document Version:
Lesson 4 Isaac

PDF Version:
Lesson 4 Isaac

The Game Board: 

If you right click on it, you should be able to copy it and then paste it into a Word document or Publisher file (or whatever program you use) to print it out.  It’s a JPEG file, so you can resize it to whatever size you want.  I printed it on legal size (11 x 17) and it worked out fine for the kids at that size.

Here’s where I got the pictures that are on the game and the game board itself:

1. Heart of a
2. Los Angeles Times, scene from “The Bible” 10 hour documentary
3. Tickled pink
4. Step into the story
Game of life symbol: The North Star
Game board:

The Life Cards:

Document File:
Life cards for the game of Isaacs life

PDF File:
Life cards for the game of Isaacs life

A note about MRBC Children’s Department News (in case you’re wondering what it is):
MRBC are the initials of our church’s name and this is just a newsletter I do each week with information for the parents, such as upcoming events and what we’re learning, plus things for the kids: a quiet time check list, some comics (which I get online) and some word puzzles and written activities specifically for the lesson we are doing. Here’s the one I used for this lesson. Unfortunately, I cannot upload a version you can easily change, but feel free to use the ideas for your own newsletter.

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