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Kids’ Bible Study Lesson Abraham

Overview on this Lesson:

Lesson 3 in the series called “The Ancients”, which includes lessons on Job, the Tower of Babel, , Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Jacob’s 12 Sons. It is an interactive lesson that will get your kids moving and keep their interest as you journey through the events of Abraham’s life.

The lesson is good for 1-6 graders and is meant for a small group setting.

Without further adieu, here is the lesson on Abraham:

Document version:
Lesson 3 Abraham

PDF version:
Lesson 3 Abraham

Note on the items needed for the lesson: I just gathered up things I had that would work and for the items I didn’t have, I simply printed out pictures of those things and used them to represent the items I couldn’t find.

A note about MRBC Children’s Department News (in case you’re wondering what it is):
MRBC are the initials of our church’s name and this is just a newsletter I do each week with information and some word puzzles for kids who like those activities. Below is a sample of what I do. Feel free to borrow anything on here. I can’t load a publisher file for you to manipulate, unfortunately, but you can get an idea of what it is if you wanted to replicate it for your church.

Need more Lessons?

If you’re looking for more, there is a series of lessons from Genesis, which fits chronologically before this lesson (and series). You can find it here.

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