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I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

“To obey is better than a sacrifice and to heed is better than the fat of rams.” 1 Samuel 15:22

Even though it was 26 years ago, I remember the song that was playing as I walked down the aisle toward the alter the night I rededicated my life to the Lord. My favorite hymn (or at least top 2) I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.

Right then and there, I renewed the commitment I made at age 6 when I first gave my life to Jesus. Yes, I would follow Him.

Wherever He led. Whatever He asked of me.

I knew then, and I know now, it is the only and best choice in life-to do His Will; to obey.

God has set something before me to do. Truth is, it is not a new something. It is something I have done for quite some time, but the last year or so I have really wanted to be done doing it.

I have asked God to release me. Repeatedly.

He has said no. Repeatedly.

This thing makes me weary. It drains me. It pushes me beyond myself. It wears me out, burns me out and I do not receive much Earthy reward from it.

But, I will continue. And I will ask God to give me strength and to fill me with whatever I need to do this thing and to do it well for Him. I will continue to do it, because I choose to honor that commitment I made when I gave my life to Him, when I chose to follow Him. When I traded forever my ways for His.

In the end, all I have to give is my obedience and it is better to God than the richest sacrifice. He wants my heart and He can only have it if I choose to submit my will to His. It is an act of love to Him and I am honored and blessed to obey.

The decision I made all those years ago is still the decision I choose to make today. Whether easy or hard it will always, always be the best choice.

I have decided to follow Jesus.

I have decided to follow Jesus.

I have decided to follow Jesus.

No turning back. No turning back

Dearest Jesus, You are so worthy of being followed and of being obeyed. Your ways are not just higher than my ways, they are infinitely better. If you say no, I trust You. If you say never, I trust You. I will follow You forever, even when it’s hard. Fill me with Your strength and joy to do Your Will and do it well for You. Amen

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