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Fresh Mercy for Today

“Because of the LORD’s faithful love we do not perish, for His mercies never end. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness!” Lamentations 3:22-23

Are you familiar with Christian music artist, Danny Gokey? His music has been the soundtrack of my life the last few months and God has used it to speak truth to my heart.

If you’re not familiar with his music, check these out:

See what I mean? Some music just seems to really fit with the themes of the Bible and his has done that for me lately.

The first few months of this year were extremely hard for me. I was entangled in a lie from which I could not break free. I kept telling myself that God was done with me-that He couldn’t use me in ministry any longer-that I had just messed up too badly this time.

It seems much easier to recognize a lie than to destroy its power in your life. But, slowly, as I turned to God and His Word, His Truth began to speak louder than the lie. And, this music, which echoed God’s message helped hammer it into my heart.

I am not done. I am NEVER done, because God absolutely refuses to give up on me. His mercies are new EVERY SINGLE MORNING! His faithfulness is so rich He will always be there when we turn to Him. Always. His character will not allow Him to do otherwise.

Are you feeling like a lost cause today? You absolutely are not. You are a glorious work in progress and His mercies are new for you today. Turn to Him, run into His arms, and receive the new beginning you need today. He is ready and waiting for you!

Dearest Faithful Father, thank You, thank You that You never give up on us. Lord, I am humbled, because I know I do not deserve any more chances. I do not deserve your mercy at all. Yet, You are there pouring it out to me and to anyone else who asks. You are amazing God and I love You and thank You! Amen!

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