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Easy Review Game for Any Lesson 

There is nothing like a great game to spice up a lesson and this game fits all the criteria necessary for a great game. It’s fun, easy to prep and has a very low material list. It is also versatile. It could be used with virtually any lesson, so go on and give it a try!

Easy Review Game for Any Lesson

Materials: One or more decks of cards, set of review questions, copy of memory verse

Directions: Before playing, prepare a list of review questions for the lesson you are teaching and come up with a suggestion for the praying part (Something that would apply to the lesson. For example, if it’s a lesson on loving others, you might pray that God will help you to love others, etc.) Shuffle deck of cards and place them in a pile in the middle of the kids.  They will take turns drawing a card, one by one.  They should follow the instructions, depending on what card they draw.

If they draw a heart, they will say the memory verse.  

If they draw a spade, they will answer a review question.

If they draw a diamond, they will share a “gem” (a valuable piece of information) they learned.

If they draw a club, they will pray (out loud or silently).                          

Here is the PDF version of these instructions for easy printing/downloading:


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