Making good choices-salvation skit

A two person skit in which a man gets help making good choices from an unlikely source–an enthusiastic self-help guy on t.v., who explains that the best choice anyone can make is to make Jesus their Savior and Lord. Making good choices, salvation

Random Parental Thoughts and Happenings

Alex, I’d like to choose the “The Kids Did it for – $200, Please.”

Questions in this category are: “Why is there a doll in the refrigerator?” “Why is there a plastic fork in the middle of the living room rug?” “Why is there a half-naked Barbie doll in the backyard?” “Why is there a booby trap across this door” “How is there lipstick on my antique crock” “Why… Read More Alex, I’d like to choose the “The Kids Did it for – $200, Please.”


Recruiting for the Lord’s Army

A two person skit which shows a man entering into the army under the Lord’s requirements for Gideon’s Army, as recorded in Judges 7:1-8.  Use with a lesson on Gideon. Recruiting for the Lord’s Army


Thanksgiving Game

In this simple, no prep, no material game, kids get the opportunity to yell out things they are thankful for, when a characteristic you call out applies to them.  Obviously, you can play it at Thanksgiving time, or any time you want to help the kids say “thank you” to God. PDF version to print… Read More Thanksgiving Game