Who Am I Game

Who Am I Game is a low prep, low material (all you need is the paper).  The games gives clues, one by one and let’s kids try to guess who the facts are describing.  This particular group of people all shared in suffering, so you could use this for a suffering lesson or you could use it anytime as a fun filler.

PDF of the game below: Who Am I Game

Play as a class, or divide the class up into teams.  Give them one clue at a time.  If they get it on the first clue, they get 3 points, on the second, they get 2 points and if they get the correct answer on the third clue, they get one point.  If they don’t guess it, the other team can steal for 1 point.  You can talk a little bit about how God used that person’s suffering for good.

Say: There are many examples of people suffering recorded for us in God’s Word.  See if you can guess who the person is by the clues I give you.  As you think about these people, think about how God used the hard times they went through.

  1. I was made fun of for doing what God wanted me to do.     I worked on one project for over 100 years.     I spend 40 days and 40 nights floating in my boat with my family and my zoo.     Answer: Noah
  1. When it was all over, our clothes smelled just fine.     We suffered because we wanted to obey God and worship only him.    God protected us when we were thrown into a fiery hot furnace.    Answer: Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
  1. We were arrested and beaten.   Our singing really shook the world.   God sent an earthquake when we were in prison and the prison gates flew open   Answer: Silas and Paul
  1. I was number 11 out of 12   I had some pretty colorful dreams   My brothers sold me into slavery, but God used it for good and used me to save Egypt and Israel from a horrible famine.   Answer: Joseph
  1. I was taken from my country to become a slave in a foreign land.   I really ate my veggies.   I was thrown into a lion’s den as punishment for praying to God, instead of to the king.   Answer: Daniel
  1. My father in law, my brother in law and my husband all died.   I left my home to live in Israel with my mother in law where we were very poor.   I was King David’s Great-Grandmother.   Answer: Ruth
  1. I was a great war hero  The king was jealous of me and chased me for many years to try and kill me.  I became the second king of Israel.   Answer: King David
  1. I was a rich man until I lost everything.   My friends made me feel worse.  I refused to curse God and said, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.  Blessed be the Name of the Lord.”   Answer: Job



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