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The Faith of a Child

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  Hebrews 11:1


I loved horses when I was little.  A collection of all things equine that was missing only one thing–a real, live horse!   So, every Christmas I would ask for a horse.  Much of my excitement at Christmastime came from anticipating that horse. The fact that I grew up in a suburb of Detroit with absolutely no room for a horse did not bother me, nor did the fact that we would be breaking (probably) several city ordinances.  None of those things made me doubt.

When Christmas morning arrived, I would enjoy opening all my gifts.  Afterward, when no one was watching, I would tiptoe to the window and peek out because I was absolutely certain there was a horse tied to the fence post and it was just waiting for me to discover it.

Of course, there was not one there, but the fact that the horse was never there when I looked never disappointed me too much.  I would just sort of shrug to myself and say, “Oh well, there’s always next year” and move on with my young life.

Each Christmas for several years played out the same way, I asked for a horse and I believed with my whole heart I would get one.  I don’t know when I finally stopped asking for one. (Maybe last year?)

I think that’s what faith is about.  My parents always gave us nice gifts at Christmastime, but they had limited resources.  When we ask our Heavenly Father for something His resources are unlimited and nothing is impossible for Him.

Now, does that mean I can ask God for a horse and I will suddenly get one?  Unfortunately, no.  I still live in the ‘burbs and I don’t think a horse would go over too well with the neighbors (which is very unfortunate).  God is not a genie Who grants our every wish.  However, I think He does lead us to pray for things He wants to give us and things He wants to do.   Sometimes seemingly impossible things.

When our son, who was adopted, was born, God lead us to pray for a miracle in bringing Him home the same day as the release hearing.  The adoption agency had told us not to expect that.  We were told that usually it takes a few weeks for the judge to sign all the papers from the hearing (which was heard by a referee and not a judge), but all along we felt God was telling us to pray for a miracle, and to believe Him for one.  We did both and were given permission to bring our son home just 4 hours after the release hearing, on a Friday afternoon two days before my first Mother’s Day.  Amazing!  With God all things are possible!

Is God leading you do something that will require a lot of faith?  Maybe He is leading you to ask Him for something spectacular and maybe it may be a few years before it comes to pass (it was 4 years between when God first started leading us to pray about adoption and when our son was born).  Keep praying!  Keep trusting!  And, by all means, keep peeking out the window to check and see if that “horse” is tied to the fence post!

Precious Heavenly Father, You truly hold the whole world in Your hands. I feel you are leading me to pray for the impossible and I have faith that You can make it happen, because You are the God of the impossible! You are amazing! Thank You for caring about every aspect of my life and for showing me I can trust You in all things! Amen


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