Memory Verse Activities

Thanksgiving Memory Verse Activity

A fun and simple Thanksgiving memory verse idea with a moderate amount of prep-work involved.  The verse is divided and written on “pieces” (head, body and feathers) of a turkey and kids race to unscramble the verse and properly assemble the turkey.

Thanksgiving Memory Verse Activity:

“Do not cease giving thanks.”  Ephesians 1:16

Turkey Scramble.  The class will be separated into 8 groups.  Each group will have several pieces of a turkey.  A body/head and 7 feathers.  One word of the verse/reference will be written on each feather.  The kids will race to put them in order and then stand to say the verse together.  Each team must also say “Gobble, gobble” at the end (just for fun).  Give time for each team to finish and say their verse.

Here is the PDF version of the above instructions:

Thanksgiving Memory Verse Activity

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