Devotions, Ten Days of Thanksgiving

Ten Days of Thanksgiving Day 6 Sunrise Thanks

As we enjoy this season of thanks, let’s take some time to give thanks to God during each of the days leading up to the holiday and, of course, on that day. Welcome to Day 6:

“O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever!” Psalm 30:12

Oh Lord, I thank You for this beautiful morning.

Here is a brand new day and I dedicate it now to You and to giving You the glory and gratitude You deserve.

Thank You for the colors before me, so beautiful.

Thank You for Your majesty displayed in all I see.

Thank You for this clean air I breathe.

With each breath, I thank You. With each heartbeat, my soul fills with gratitude.

For You God, only, deserve our thanks this day and every day.


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