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Temptation to sin Object Lesson

Use this attention getting activity to show kids how sin traps us!  It focuses on 1 Corinthians 10:13, but you could use it any time you are talking about sin and temptation, just change the scripture passages to those you are teaching.

PDF file of object lesson: Temptation Object Lesson

Temptation Object Lesson

Materials: a small plastic container with a lid on it.  The lid should have a small hole cut into the top of it.  The hole should be just big enough for a kid to slide a hand through it.  You will also need an apple that is larger than the hole in the lid.  The apple should go inside the container, then put the lid on.

Ask: What is temptation?  It’s when we consider doing something that is sinful, right?  Give me some examples of sin we can be tempted to do?  We know sin in wrong, right?  We also know sin comes with consequences and it breaks God’s heart, so why do we ever consider sinning?  Why do we get tempted to do those things in the first place?  We may not have the answers to those questions, but we do know that we are not alone.  The passage we are going to read from the Bible today tells us that.

Remember that right now we are going through the book of 1 Corinthians and looking at some of its main ideas.  We are going to read from chapter 10 today, so let’s turn there.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:12 and 13

In verse 12 we are warned that we must be careful not to fall.  And what does verse 13 say?  That “no temptation has overtaken you except what is common to humanity.”  What does that mean exactly?  (Take answers, if the kids have ideas)

It means all the things we are tempted to do are the same things everyone else is tempted to do.  Being tempted to sin is very common.  And the things we are tempted to do are all very common.

Ask: How many of you have been tempted to sin?  Can you name some common temptations?

Unfortunately sin is part of our human experience, even if we don’t want it to be.  As long as we are living on this earth we will be tempted to sin.  Big bummer, right?

But, there is good news.  Let’s look at the second part of verse 13 says, God is faithful and He will not allow us to be tempted so much that we can’t resist it.  Also, it says that he will always provide a way of escape.  He will provide us a way out of the temptation so that we do not have to sin.

It’s important to remember that being tempted is not sin.  When we are tempted we can say yes, give into the temptation and sin, or we can say no and walk away without sinning.  Verse 13 here tells us that God will always provide us a way to say no to sin.

We are going to do a little demonstration here.  (Get the plastic container with the apple inside of it out.)  Here I have a little container with a hole cut into the top.  Inside is an apple, that is going to represent sin for us today. (Invite a child to put their hand through the hole, but not to grab the apple. They should be able to slip their hand back out easily.)  This represents being tempted, but using the escape that God gave you and saying no to the temptation.  (Invite a second kid to put their hand through the hole, but ask them to grab the apple this time.)  This represents someone being tempted and giving into that temptation and choosing to sin.  (As they hold on to the apple, they cannot slide their hand back out of the hole.  The sin now has them trapped.)  God always provides a way out, but sometimes we choose not to take it and we get ourselves trapped.

Let’s turn over to the book of Proverbs for a second.

Read Proverbs 14:12

See, this little contraption here comes from a way some people used to trap raccoons.  They would make a box with one small opening in one side. Inside the box, they would put some kind of food that would attract a raccoon.  The raccoon comes along and sticks his little paw in the hole and grabs the food, but now, since his paw is in a fist holding the piece of food, it will not fit back through the hole.  All he has to do is let go of the food and he will be able to get out of the trap, but he chooses not to and he remains there caught in the trap until the hunter who set the trap comes along and before long, the raccoon then has given his life because he wouldn’t give up that little piece of food.

Guys, it is exactly like that with sin. If we are tempted to sin and we use the escape God gives us then we don’t have a problem, but if we give into the temptation and choose to sin, then it will have us in its trap.  In the end sin will lead to death.  It always does.  We have to say no to every bit of temptation that comes our way and we know that we can do that, because “God is faithful, and He will not allow [us] to be tempted beyond what [we] are able, but with the temptation He will also provide a way of escape so that you are able to bear it.”

Connection to Christ & Gospel Presentation:

We know that the cost of sin is death, right? Jesus, the Son of God Himself came to earth to die on the cross to pay the price for sin.  Our sin was the cause of Jesus’ death.  Jesus loved us so much that He wanted us to have a way to be forgiven of our sin.  His death was the way.  It made it possible for our sins to be forgiven.  His death wasn’t the end though, right?  He rose from the grave and defeated death once and for all. So now, whoever asks Him to forgive their sin, is no longer dead with sin, but is born again.  Anyone who wants to can do that.  If you are ready, you can pray with me now:

Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me so much that You came and gave your life to pay the price for my sin.  I am sorry for the things I’ve done wrong and I ask you to forgive my sin.  Thank you for saving me and for rising from the dead so that I could be born again and have a brand-new life.  Thank you for making a way for us to escape sin once and for all.  Help me to remember that I don’t ever have to give into temptation again, because you will give me a way out.  Thank you so much!  Amen


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