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Sermon on the Mount Scavenger Hunt

The last thing I ever want to do is make the Bible, a book that is very much alive and sharp, seem dull and boring by teaching it the same old way, so I am always looking for ways to make things more exciting, or let the kids experience the familiar in a new way. On a recent Sunday, this Sermon on the Mount Scavenger Hunt definitely fit the bill for keeping things lively and interesting!

Here’s how we did it:

I set up the items around our department before class. I put 1-3 items in each room, but you could put them around one large room if you needed to, depending on the size of your group.

I used one of my kid’s books for the “bee.”

For the items on the scavenger hunt, I simply used things I had around the house and at church. I got a little creative and you can too! You can use real items, printed pictures, whatever you can find that would work. For example, for the “heart” I used a old batman valentine’s day candy tin of my son’s and for the boxing ring, I used a Rock ’em Sock ’em Robot Game we had.

This dollar bill had the scripture reference written on the back (hopefully that’s not illegal-ha ha!)

If you didn’t have a specific item, you could simply swap it out for a similar item you do have and just change it on the scavenger hunt paper before you begin. I didn’t sweat this part of it, just had fun coming up with different items that might make it little harder for the kids to find each item.

I found a little toy bird in our basement (don’t ask) and used that for the “bird.” How nice that we have a fake tree in our department. I totally planned that (sure I did!).

There was only one item I completely duped the kids on and it was with the “praying hands.” I had printed out a picture I found on google images of a father and son praying before a meal. The father had his hands folded. I had pinned it to a bulletin board and not a single group found it. I wasn’t trying to hide it, but I guess I did!

We used this for our wide and narrow gate–a good use for a piece from a Paw Patrol train toy and a Chubby Puppy Toy, I think. I found this particular Bible tract on Amazon, but I have found some good ones on and

I asked for kid volunteers in our older grades (4-6 for us) to be student leaders and separated the kids into groups with the volunteers as leaders. The group sizes ranged from 2-6 and we weren’t too picky about who was on what team, as long as there was a responsible student leader at the helm. The adult leaders supervised the kids and kept an eye on them. We really didn’t have any problems, except for a few kids who were straggling behind their teams and had to be reconnected with their groups.

Looking up the scripture on one of the items.

Each student leader got a clip board with the items they were supposed to look for and directions for what to do when they found it. After finding each item, they were to read the correlating scripture and do an activity.

It worked extremely well. The kids loved it! They were excited and engaged. None of the teams had enough time to finish the whole hunt, but most were only missing a few.

Here is the PDF file for the scavenger hunt:

Sermon on the Mount Scavenger Hunt

Sermon on the Mount Scavenger Hunt answer key

Here is the doc file for the scavenger hunt (It can be manipulated, so you can change things easily, if you want.):

Sermon on the Mount Scavenger Hunt

Sermon on the Mount Scavenger Hunt answer key

Overall, this was easy to set up and packed a lot of bang for the buck. I will definitely be doing this again. Give it a try and let me know how you like it!

3 thoughts on “Sermon on the Mount Scavenger Hunt

  1. I LOVE this idea for our Sunday School lesson! Do you have a list of the scripture versus that you used for each clue available? I could not find it anywhere on the site.

    Thank You!

    1. Oops, I am so sorry Kerstin. That would have been helpful to post in the first place, huh? 😉 I will post it. Thanks!

    2. It is all fixed now. I added an answer key. I hope your kids enjoy it!

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