Sermon on the Mount Craft–Easy, Fun and Kid-Approved

What better way to review what you’ve learned from the Sermon on the Mount (found in Matthew chapters 5-7), but to make your own mountain out of clay. The kids loved shaping their mountains and it was not too terribly messy, a little hand washing and table washing and we were all cleaned up.

This child shaped his clay over a small foam coffee cup.

As for the supplies, I got 25 pounds of clay at for $35 and we had around 35 kids or so and ended up with a quarter to a third of the clay left after class. (Now I have to think of another clay project, I guess). I bought a two packages of toothpicks and 3 packages of little post it note flags at the dollar store and used some paper plate we had left over from another project.

Craft: Make your own Sermon on the Mount out of clay

Materials: ½ pound of clay per kid, paper plate, “flag” style post it notes, or bits of paper, toothpicks, pens/pencils, coloring supplies, scissors, picture of Jesus to put on their mountain

Directions: Have kids write the different things Jesus taught at the Sermon on the Mount on the pieces of papers or post it notes and secure them to one end of the toothpicks with tape. Also have them secure the picture of Jesus to a toothpick. Then, have them shape their clay into the shape of a mountain on their paper plate. Last, they put their “flags” into the mountain by sticking the toothpicks into the clay.

What kid doesn’t love playing with clay?
Finished product, with lots of flair!

*Please note: These “mountains” will need to harden for several days after they are made. Many of our kids took theirs home the first day though and I have not heard of any casualties.

This one has verse references from the Sermon on the Mount

For a less messy version of this craft, you could simply have the kids cut a paper plate in half, with the flat side as the bottom of their mountain and the rounded side as the top. Have them decorate their mountain with crayons or markers and then tape the flags on their mountain.

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