Memory Verse Activities

Please sign here Memory Verse Activity

Get the kids out of their seats and let them work out some energy while they memorize God’s Word.

Directions: Choose any Bible verse and write it on a piece of paper.  You can hand write it clearly or type it into a word document and print it out.  Make enough copies for each child to have one and give every child something to write with–crayon, marker, pen/pencil, it doesn’t really matter.

Read the verse once together as a class and them have the kids circulate around the room.  If they are able, they should read the verse to someone.  After they’ve read the verse, they should ask the child to whom they read to sign their paper.  For non-readers or children who are not strong readers, they can ask someone to read the verse to them and collect signatures from those who read to them.  Encourage the kids to collect as many signatures as possible.

We usually play this for 10-15 minutes each time we do it.


Here is an example of the paper with a verse on it, but you can easily make a paper with any verse/passage you want on it.

Please Sign Here Memory Verse Activity

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