Random Parental Thoughts and Happenings

A Mom’s Pocket Contents–Otherwise known as Strange Sort of Photo Journalism for Parents

An almost empty lotion tube-necessary for the 5 million times I have to wash my hands every day.

A piece to a game I was playing that morning with my 5 year old.

This game:

(It’s fun and hilarious, by the way.)

The wrapper from the sticky part of the envelope I used to pay for my 9 year old’s ballet costume.

A penny I fished out of my almost 3 year old’s mouth, after she picked it up and flashed me a michevious smile and popped it in her mouth, causing me to have to hurdle the kitchen table and nearly trip over the dog to save her.

The same 3 year old’s bracelet she wore for approximantly 10 seconds before she threw it on the floor.

Yay–one thing just for me, a piece of gum that I ripped a bit off. (Who says moms don’t get anything all to themselves?)

And last, but not least, a random Viking arm.

What kind of random things are in your pockets moms and dads?

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