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List Memory Verse Activity

Easy memory verse activity.  Read each item on a list and those who fit the description read the verse.  Simple, easy and no materials needed.  This has some items specific to Thanksgiving, because that’s when we origionally used it, but you could easily change those items or just skip them as you’re leading the activity.

Directions: Read the items 1-20 below one by one Each item describes a person or several people (for example: Those with brown hair or Those wearing brown today).  Read the item on the list out loud.  All the children (and leaders) who have that characteristic should say the verse.

  1. Those who have an older brother or sister.
  2. Those wearing tennis shoes today.
  3. Everyone who will eat Thanksgiving dinner at their Grandma’s house.
  4. Everyone who loves dessert best out of the entire Thanksgiving dinner.
  5. Everyone with blue eyes.
  6. Everyone wearing glasses.
  7. Everyone with blonde hair.
  8. Those wearing braces.
  9. Those whose favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
  10. Everyone who’s happy to get two days off school this week.
  11. Everyone with brown hair.
  12. Everyone with brown eyes.
  13. Those who always watch the Thanksgiving Day parade.
  14. Everyone who wants to eat the Turkey drumstick.
  15. Everyone wearing brown today.
  16. Anyone who is the youngest in their family.
  17. Anyone who is an only child.
  18. Anyone who is a cousin.
  19. Everyone who loves God!
  20. Everyone who is alive in this room!

Here is the PDF version of these directions for easy printing or downloading:

List Memory Verse Activity



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