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Knock Down that Giant Game

Knock Down that Giant Game

Materials: several ping pong balls, 10-12 empty two liter bottles, each marked with something that could be a giant in our lives, such as a bully at school or sickness.

Directions: Let the kids take turns knocking down the “giants.” Each time they knock one down talk about how that particular thing could be a giant in our lives.

Say: Most of us are probably not going to have to have a wrestling match with someone who is 4 times bigger than us any time soon, but we all have giants in our lives, things we might be afraid of from time to time. God will always help is fight those giants, if we have enough courage to face them. In this game, you will get this (hold up ping pong ball). This is your pebble and we will be knocking down the giants in our lives (the empty 2 liter bottles).

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