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Kids’ Game: Don’t explode!

Kids’ Game: Don’t explode!

Here is an attention getting game to teach kids about controlling their anger. We originally used this in a lesson on Cain and Abel, which you can find here. But, you can use it any time you are teaching about anger.

Materials: vinegar and baking soda, a dropper, a small cup (like a little medicine cup) for each kids, a set of “situation” cards and a set of “Your response” cards, one game die, a tsp.

Directions: Before play, set the situation cards in a central location in one pile and the “Your response card” in another pile. Give each kid a small cup with about a tsp. of baking soda in it.

To play: Allow the kids to take turns choosing a situation card. They should read it out loud (or have someone else read it for them), then they choose a “Your response” card. If they had a good, non sinful response they do nothing and the play passes to the next child, but if they had a sinful response they should roll the die. Whatever number they get is the amount of drops of vinegar they must drop into their cup. If their cup overflows or “explodes” they are out of the game. If not, they are still in and they get a new cup with new baking soda and the play passes to the next player.

PDF version of this game for easy downloading/printing:

Kids’ Game Don’t explode!

Situation Cards:

Situation cards

Response Cards:

Response Cards

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