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Is sin hindering you? Throw it off and be free!

“Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.” Hebrews 12:1

I took my youngest daughter to the cutest little kiddie town play place and she loved it! There were all these little “stores” and such to play in and one of them was a pizzeria. She put on the little “uniform” they had there.

You can’t see it in the picture, but she had a little red apron on. O.K., O.K., I will post another picture of my daughter so you can see it (even if it is a pretty bad picture–she is still cute and you can see the apron).

Even when it was cinched as tightly as possible, the apron was still a bit too big to stay up on her hips. She did not want to take it off though and continued to wear it, even as it slipped down and hindered her activities and her ability to walk normally. She held it up as she walked and continued on.

It started to remind me of what I often do with the sin in my life. (And, maybe I am not alone.) I have sin that hinders me, entangles me, and yet, I hold on to it.

It gets in the way off my walking, yet I do not let it go. Why?

I wish I had the answer to that. I don’t. I just know it feels safe. It feels comfortable and, really, just like my daughter and that apron, I simply like it. I like the sin that is in my life. I don’t like the effects of it. I don’t like dishonoring my God, but, if I’m honest, I do, many times, like the sin, at least for a little while.

The sin certainly does not like me, though. Oh no, it wants to trip me up and cause me to stumble, loosing my way and my witness in the process. When I hold on to my sin it is virtually impossible to walk, let alone run or fly.

Eventually, I think my daughter got tired of holding up the apron and she stopped playing for a second and took everything off. She could then move freely. She could walk. She could run. She could move freely.

I know–I know–when I choose to throw off my sin, I will be able to move freely as well. I know I will never regret turning away from sin and turning to follow my Lord. I am ready. Freedom awaits!

Precious Jesus, You gave Your life on the cross so that I could be free from sin. I thank You that You have indeed set me free and that I never have to choose to be entangled by sin again. Help me what to honor You above all and to always turn away from temptation. Amen

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