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A Great Way to Acknowledge Kid’s Birthdays

Are you looking for a fun, easy and memorable idea to acknowledge birthdays in your ministry?  Behold the birthday cookie!  Once a month, my husband makes his amazing giant (plate sized) chocolate chip cookies for each child who has had birthdays that month.  The kids look forward to getting one and after they “age out” of getting one and move on to being a youth or even an adult, many of them try to coax for a birthday cookie.

How we do it:

We pick one Sunday a month to bring the cookies to church and we try to announce the day ahead of time in church and in our Facebook group.*

Make a regular batch of toll house recipe chocolate chip cookies (or your favorite cookie) and divide it into 4 or 5 servings.  Reduce the temp to 350 and spread each cookie out before hand to help it along.  If you’re using a regular sized cookie sheet, you can usually do two on each pan.  We have upgraded to bigger cookie sheets and we can fit 3-4 on the big ones.

After they are baked and cooled, package them by putting them on a paper plate and putting the plate and cookie inside a gallon size storage bag.


Originally, I delivered the cookies on the child’s actual birthday to their house.  That is a good option, if you don’t have a lot of kids in your ministry.  It got to be too time consuming for me once I started having kids and it doing the delivery at church didn’t seem to diminish the cookie’s appeal.  When I delivered them to the houses, I always included a card and a Bible tract.


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