My Escape from Temptation book

Have kids make this book, which has Bible verses in it the children can use to help them resist temptation.  When they are tempted to sin, they can look at this book and read the verse and use it as an escape to avoid giving into the temptation.

We used it to study 1 Corinthians 10:13, but you could use it anytime you are talking about avoiding temptation, sin, or living a Holy life.

Materials: Construction paper, temptation book print outs, hole puncher and ribbon or stapler and staples

Directions: Allow kids to create a cover and cut out the pages of their book.  Then help them bind it all together using a stapler or hole puncher and string.

PDF File of directions:

Craft Escape from Temptation book

Books to print:

My Escape temptation book


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