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Catch the Ball Easy and Simple Memory Verse Activity

I don’t know about you, but it seems like the simplest ideas often work the best. This memory verse activity is easy and requires only two things–a soft ball or other soft object to throw and a copy of the memory verse. Quick, easy and fun, here it is: Toss the ball and whoever catches it determines which group or groups of kids say the memory verse.

How to Play:

The leader starts by holding the ball (or other soft object). When the leader is holding the ball, all the kids must say the verse.

Then, the leader tosses the ball out. If a boy catches it, the girls must all say the verse. If a girl catches it, all the boys must say the verse.

You can then end the activity, or toss the object back out to the kids for another round.

Our kids love this activity! I hope yours do too!

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