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Object Lesson for Kids –Don’t Conform-Be a Chocolate Chip (and let God transform your mind)

I am always looking for ways to spice up my lessons. The very last thing I want to do is talk at the kids (although I admit to doing just that many times–boo!) Nothing livens up a class like a good object lesson and this Bible study has not one, but two! It was definitely… Read More Object Lesson for Kids –Don’t Conform-Be a Chocolate Chip (and let God transform your mind)

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Object Lessons

Thanksgiving Object Lesson

This object lesson uses several every day items to help illustrate things we should be thankful for.  This was originally used at thanksgiving time, but you could use it at anytime to teach the idea of being thankful. Thanksgiving Object Lesson

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Object Lessons

Temptation to sin Object Lesson

Use this attention getting activity to show kids how sin traps us!  It focuses on 1 Corinthians 10:13, but you could use it any time you are talking about sin and temptation, just change the scripture passages to those you are teaching. PDF file of object lesson: Temptation Object Lesson Temptation Object Lesson Materials: a small… Read More Temptation to sin Object Lesson

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Object Lessons

Body of Christ Object Lesson

Use this object lesson when teaching about the Body of Christ.  This was originally used in a small group lesson, but you could simply omit all or some of the discussion questions to make it more suitable for a large group teaching setting.   Body of Christ Object Lesson with Mr. Potato Head Materials: Mr.… Read More Body of Christ Object Lesson

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