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Knock Down that Giant Game

Knock Down that Giant Game Materials: several ping pong balls, 10-12 empty two liter bottles, each marked with something that could be a giant in our lives, such as a bully at school or sickness. Directions: Let the kids take turns knocking down the “giants.” Each time they knock one down talk about how that… Read More Knock Down that Giant Game


Thanksgiving Game

In this simple, no prep, no material game, kids get the opportunity to yell out things they are thankful for, when a characteristic you call out applies to them.  Obviously, you can play it at Thanksgiving time, or any time you want to help the kids say “thank you” to God. PDF version to print… Read More Thanksgiving Game


Who Am I Game

Who Am I Game is a low prep, low material (all you need is the paper).  The games gives clues, one by one and let’s kids try to guess who the facts are describing.  This particular group of people all shared in suffering, so you could use this for a suffering lesson or you could… Read More Who Am I Game