Body of Christ Activity

In this activity, the class will work together to fill their paper church with the different gifts represented in the members of their class.  You can use it when you’re teaching about the Body of Christ, or you could use it as a class building activity.

Body of Christ Activity:

Materials: Big piece of butcher paper or poster board, Drawing paper, crayons/markers,

Draw an outline of a church on the butcher paper or poster board.

Explain how another name for the Body of Christ is the Church.

Tell the kids that along with our spiritual gifts, God has given us each unique gifts, talents and skills.  Some we are born with and some we learn as we go along. Have each child think about their special gifts, skills, and talents.  Make a list of them.  Encourage the kids to help each other with what their special talents are (hopefully this can be a little bit of team building time.)

As they say them, you can write them inside the church and then see how God has put together your class as part of the body of Christ.

Take time to pray and thank God that He made us all uniquely and gave us each separate gifts and talents.  Pray that we can all be faithful to work together and to use those gifts and talents for Him.

The PDF version of this activity can be accessed by clicking on this link: Body of Christ Activity



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