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3 John and Jude Kids’ Bible Study Lessons

In this lesson, kids will study the books of 3 John and Jude, which only have 1 chapter each. They will learn that there are really only two kinds of people in the world-those who follow the Lord and do good and those who do not follow the Lord and do evil. This lesson has several options for developing Bible skills, a lesson from God’s Word, a connection to Christ, Gospel Presentation, Memory Verse Activity and a craft. Click on the links below to see the lesson and download or print.

Doc File:

3 John and Jude

PDF File:

3 John and Jude

Printables for this lesson:

Memory Verse Activity:

Memory verse activity 3 John and Jude
M.R.B.C. Children’s Department News: This is a weekly newsletter I do for our kids and parents. I created it in Microsoft Publisher and try to keep it simple. It has weekly announcements, tells what we are currently learning and usually has some activities, such as a memory verse activity and/or a wordsearch or some other paper activity (many of which I find with a simple Google search). Here is an example of what I do:

Sources for art work on these documents are: www.inheritthemirth.com, Scott Hilbern distributed by Andrew McNeel Syndication, www.bibleandprayers.com

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