Pajama Day

The Best Morning of the Year

I have not done an official survey, but there’s a good chance our annual Pajama Day is the favorite Sunday morning of the year for both our kids and our teachers. It is a great opportunity for kids to invite friends who don’t normally come to church and it gives our teachers a bit of a break, since we all split up the responsibilities.

Many of our kids bring blankets, pillows and other comfort items. Some years we let them spread out on the floor. Some years they just set up camp in their chairs for the morning.

The Goal

We began Pajama Day about 10 years ago and the goal has always been for it to be an outreach opportunity for the kids.

How We Do it

Here, a boy works on making a banner for his bedroom with the theme verse on it.

We advertise ahead of time, announcing it to the kids and parents and encouraging them to invite kids to come. Many years we have provided flyers with all the relevant information for the kids to give to their friends when they invite them. The kids (and adults) wear their p.j.s to church and we serve them breakfast. We pick a theme and create a lesson, games, crafts and other activities revolving around that theme.


Muffin Madness! This year’s breakfast was a hit–there weren’t many of these babies left by the end of the morning.

We have served many different things for breakfast, but it is always something more substantial that donuts. We try to have some protein and fruit along with bagels, muffins or cereal. This year the menu was muffins, yogurts in a tube, mandarin oranges and fruit and by the end of the morning there were a few muffins and a few oranges left and consumed, so I guess it was a successful menu.


We have done “Sleeping in the Belly of the Whale (Jonah),” “Wake up, God is calling you (Samuel)”, “Wake up to a whole New You (2 Corinthians 5:17 and the account of Zachheaus from Luke 19, plus lots more. Check out our themes in the links below.

Other Elements:

For the last several years, one of the highlights has been the “Pajama Jam Fashion Show.” We play an upbeat Christian song and let the kids parade across the stage. We also judge them for certain things for added fun, and some cheap prizes. The kids seem to enjoy it and it stretches the “pajama day” theme a bit further.

The Pajama Jam Fashion Show in action
Kids add their own flare to the show as they cross the stage.

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