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Markers, the answer is Markers…

Weird questions I ask my kids number 3938: Whoa, why are you blue?

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Random Parental Thoughts and Happenings

Why aren’t they called Foot Fingers anyway?

5 year old to me: Mommy can you help me put my boots on? My foot fingers are cold.

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Feelings of Failure and The Secrets to Success

Failure Failure. I hate that word. I don’t even like to look at it. Ugh. In my chosen “professions,” I wonder about failure a lot. My Two Jobs My “day job” is that of a homemaker and stay at home mom. What is the measure of excellence for that? How do you know if you… Read More Feelings of Failure and The Secrets to Success

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Trust God with Your Pain

Bad News In this world, there is pain. No one can argue with such a statement, because we have all experienced it in our own lives. Recently, something happened in my life that caused me quite a bit of pain. It was a hard experience for me and left me feeling bruised and battered. After… Read More Trust God with Your Pain

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Random Parental Thoughts and Happenings

You’re Welcome

Parenting Pro Tip: When your kids are whining about something, “sing” whatever they are saying back to them. Today’s “song.” “I want to watch it,” sung to the tune of “I want my M.T.V.” It either saves your sanity or helps you lose it in a way that is way more fun–not sure which.

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Olympic Themed Bible Study Lesson Based on topics from the Book of Hebrews

Here are two lessons from the Book of Hebrews, each with a fun Winter Olympic theme. Both lessons stay true to God’s Word, while keeping the kids actively engaged with fun twists. We are going to use these during the 2018 Winter Olympics, but they could be used at other times too. Also, we used… Read More Olympic Themed Bible Study Lesson Based on topics from the Book of Hebrews

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Cooking and Food

Inventing New Foods

Today I made “Browned Butter” Rice Krispy Treats. In other words, I burned the marshmallows.

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Things My Kids Say

Can we just all agree to call it a trumpet from now on?

5 year old to me: “Mom, what are those white things next to the elephant’s trumpet called?”

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Random Parental Thoughts and Happenings

File this under things I never thought I’d say

To my almost 3 year old: “Stop licking the wall!”

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Can anyone else relate?

I would rather give someone twenty dollars than give them my “Aldi’s” quarter. It’s a beauty, ain’t it?

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