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Jesus is to be Complete Four Week Christmas Lessons

This is a complete, easy prep, Christmas series with four lessons. Each lesson has a script for an intro video, games, a two person skit and a lesson.  In lesson one, kids learn that Jesus’ birth was foretold hundreds of times in the Old Testament.  In lesson two kids learn how Mary and Joseph welcomed the Messiah, even though His arrival had not been expected quite the way it happened.  Lesson 3 challenges kids to focus on Jesus throughout the Christmas season and Lesson 4 teaches kids to celebrate the birth of Jesus, not just at Christmastime, but all year long.  The skits feature a lovable, albeit slightly clueless, man and his over-worked angel, Angelo, who teaches Dave lessons using his words and his “Holy Hammer of Enlightenment.”   We have used this lesson series multiple times over the years and it is always a hit, especially Dave and Angelo.  It is, of course, a series, but each lesson could be used by itself as well.

Here are the PDF files:

Jesus is to be Christmas Series Lesson 1 Jesus is to be expected

Jesus is to be Christmas Series Lesson 2 Jesus is to be Welcomed

Jesus is to be Christmas Series Lesson 3 Jesus is to be the Focus

Jesus is to be Christmas Series Lesson 4 Jesus is to be Celebrated

Skits and video scripts for Jesus is to be Christmas Series

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