Object Lessons

Thanksgiving Object Lesson

This object lesson uses several every day items to help illustrate things we should be thankful for.  This was originally used at thanksgiving time, but you could use it at anytime to teach the idea of being thankful. Thanksgiving Object Lesson Share2PinTweet2 Shares

Children's Church (large group) lessons

Thanksgiving Lesson

This complete lesson contains two skits (posted separately), a game, a memory verse activity, a lesson/children’s sermon, and a Gospel Presentation.  Obviously, it is used at Thanksgiving time. Thanksgiving Lesson This lesson discusses the original pilgrims and how they showed gratitude to God, even through tough times and contrasts them with the Israelites and their… Read More Thanksgiving Lesson


Thanksgiving Skit

Alex completely misses the point of Thanksgiving. Thankfully, Maisy is there to teach him what the Holiday is already about.  This is a short skit which only has two parts and no props. Click on the link to access the PDF file to print or download: Thanksgiving skit   Share1PinTweet


Who Am I Game

Who Am I Game is a low prep, low material (all you need is the paper).  The games gives clues, one by one and let’s kids try to guess who the facts are describing.  This particular group of people all shared in suffering, so you could use this for a suffering lesson or you could… Read More Who Am I Game