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1 and 2 Peter Kids’ Bible Study Lessons

Oh no! Aliens!

Take a look at two lessons from 1 and 2 Peter. In these lessons you can have a little fun with an “alien” theme while learning that, as Christians, we are “not of this world”. Each lesson contains a Bible skill, a lesson from God’s Word, a connection to Christ, a Gospel presentation and a memory verse activity. There are also optional activities in each lesson, such as crafts, art activities and games. They were originally written and used for a small group setting, but you could adapt them to a large group as well. Check them out by clicking on the links below:

1 and 2 Peter Lesson 1:
1 and 2 Peter Not of this world Alien Theme Lesson 1

1 and 2 Peter Lesson 2:
1 and 2 Peter Not of this world Alien Theme Lesson 2 Going Home

Printables for Lesson 1:

Bible Genre Cheat Sheet*:
Bible Genre Cheat Sheet New Testament

*I got this genre cheat sheet from:

Aliens* for Lesson from God’s Word:
Alien pictures for lesson from God’s Word 1 Peter Lesson

Aliens* For Memory Verse Activity:
Alien pictures for Memory Verse 1 Peter Lesson

*I got these cute little aliens from the following sources:,

*art work for these newsletters came from the following sources:

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